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Veteran Musician, Daddy Showkey Recount How Friends He Helped Ignored Him After Accident

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Veteran Nigerian musician, John Asiemo, mostly called Daddy Showkey, has recounted how he was abandoned by friends who he helped after he was involved in an accident.

Daddy Showkey regretted that some of the friends who benefitted from him before the accident, which affected his singing career, abandoned him.

He spoke in an Instagram live chat that was shared by Fasanmi Abiola via Facebook.

In the video, the galala singer recounted how he gave them ‘millions’ of naira in the past.

Describing how he was ignored by his friends, the ghetto dancer said they asked their security men to deny him entrance.

He said the accident occurred on his way back from a fellow singer, Olu Maintain’s birthday party in 2007.

The singer said he was in the hospital for three years after the accident.

Daddy Showkey, who spoke in pidgin, said, “When I come back, the people wey go come meet me, I go dash the millions, when I go their house, them go tell their gateman make them lock gate, make the gateman tell me say dem no dey.”

He said the doctor who treated him told him that he should no longer continue with his ghetto dance after being discharged from the hospital.

This, he said, forced him to relocate to Warri where he had to learn a new business and was paid a salary.

“When I came back from abroad, the doctor advised me to stop dancing and singing. I had to tell my friends that I was going to Warri, Delta. I began to struggle again. I started working with a man and started working as a labourer carrying pan. I forgot that I was Daddy Showkey. All these happened in 2010,” he said.

Daddy Showkey said his return to limelight began after making N3 million profit from a business.

“I sold my pride. Many people were laughing at me without knowing what I was going through. But I was optimistic that I would rise again,” he explained.

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