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[VIDEO] #Dontrushchallenge: National Health Service Edition

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Check out these fantastic doctors, helping in the fight against Coronavirus. They took time to ease off the pressure from the fight against the world number 1 invisible enemy.

National Health Service (NHS) edition of #dontrushchallenge

See list of Doctors featured:

  1. Dr Reph @rosa_est88
  2. Dr Katie @mama_kates
  3. Dr Kay @unclassified_mummy
  4. Dr Barbs @barbaraosamwonyi
  5. Dr Dami @asliceofhealth
  6. Dr Folusha Oluwajana @fitdocfolu
  7. Dr Julie @julue_o_x_o
  8. Dr Gabrielle Macaulay
  9. Dr Mute @ berrysmotivation
  10. Dr Yaa @dr_and_decor
  11. Dr Ria Clarke @thedoctormummy
  12. Dr Adora @doctor_adora
  13. Dr Nana @iamewuraba
  14. Dr Adwoa Danso @theclinicdiaries
  15. Dr Shan
  16. Dr Julia @julezogun
  17. Dr Jess @sherah_online

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