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UEFA Unveil Likely Dates For Champions League Games

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The UEFA’s plan to finish the Champions League and Europa League is on. The plan reveals that the games will be played all through the month of August once the leagues are done in July.

The Champions League is set to return in August.

UEFA have an idea which is to end the season by the end of August. Therefore, the domestic leagues need to be completed by the end of July.

The proposal is for the remaining last 16 games to be played in the first week of the month.

On 26th and 29th August, Gdansk and Istanbul will host the Europa League and Champions League finals respectively. ‘Marca’ says that they will try and stick to that instead of playing both the finals at the same venue.

There are 17 Champions League and 27 Europa League matches left to play. Confirmation of the new calendar depends first on leagues getting back underway and then on the health authorities allowing the games to take place.

If the Champions League final is held on 29th August, the next edition could take place in September with the group phase beginning at the end of October.

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