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VIDEO: Unskilled Nigeria Health Workers Mishandling Suspected Covid-19 Patient

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A video reaching Reference Daily News reveals the inappropriate means in which the health sector of Nigeria has found itself. The sudden appearance of the Coronavirus pandemic exposes the carefree of Nigeria leaders in considering the health department of the country thereby engaging unskilled and unlearned workers to battle the outbreak in an uncivilized or modernized way.

The video shows that the residents of a particular village in Ondo State had called the attention of the Nigeria government over a suspected Covid-19 patient in their environment.

On arrival, they came with an ambulance that has no stretcher or a wheelchair to move the patient. Only three of the response team wore preventive wear while few are only with gloves and nose mask.

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The suspected Covid-19 patient was struggling to move as the health worker tried to carry her, one of the health team members kept yelling that they should carry her.

Sadly, another person believed to be the ambulance driver approached the patient without face mask nor protective wear joined the other health workers to carry the patient in a discomforting way as they held her arms and leg to lift her into the ambulance.

The health workers didn’t come with any equipment that they could use to disinfect the surrounding prompting but the workers and the residents at high risk of contracting the virus.

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