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AAC: “Take It Back” From The Grassroots By Yahaya Balogun

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Omoyele Sowore | African Action Congress, Nat’l Chairman

In political parlance, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Call this author a political naiveté and dewy-eyed person, but Omoyele Sowore remains a force to reckon with in the emancipation of the Nigerian youths today! This writer is only miffed and concerned about Sowore’s hard-handy approach and strategy to Nigerian dirty polity. Sowore should begin to appropriate his political leverage for an all-inclusive populace.

Heartwarmingly, I see no reason why the party–African Action Congress-AAC should not win the Edo state grassroots elections, and in other states of the federation if the party gets its act together. What the party needs NOW is to reinvent itself and incentivize the Nigerian public, and ignite the power of imagination, mobilization, and political strategy. This is what we have been preaching to Mr. Sowore from the get-go! Politics everywhere, and in Nigeria is not a tea party! Politics is about mobilization, strategy, and tactics.

African Action Congress-AAC must start from the grassroots with 21st-century political strategy. People like us are hungry and yearning for youth participation in grassroots politics to “take back” their mortgaged future from MEN OF YESTERDAY. The current status quo is senile and outdated. The youthful people must expunge the tired and gluttonous politicians from power, and it has to start from the grassroots.

African Action Congress-AAC must diminish its hardliner’s approach to Nigerian polity! If you want to catch a monkey; you must jettison stunts. You must be smarter than a monkey. The hardline approach will give a monkey the leverage to evade and make a mockery of your stunts. And your stunts and the monkey’s antics will be comic relief in the marketplace of ideas. Let the AAC grow up strategically in Nigerian polity in order to catch and recoup (take it back) the seemingly mortgaged future of the Nigerian youths.

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