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Davido’s Brother, Adewale’s Marriage Of Barely Four Months To Kani Reportedly In Crisis

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Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke and his wife, Kani are reportedly facing serious crisis in their 4-month-old marriage.

According to alleged reports by Gist Merchant, the couple who recently held a lavish wedding ceremony, have been having serious fights which could lead to their marriage hitting the rocks, if not properly handled.

According to Gist Merchant ;

“Either there is something jinxing Baba Olowo’s children’s relationships or there is something in the water they are drinking. I still don’t want to believe what i am hearing and wish to regard it as initial strife posed by new marriages.

While we are running around trying to save Chivido looks like there is trouble in Adekani paradise. The union has been described as being between two toxic people, they are trying to keep everything hush hush but the details of the fights are so messy, we are talking Tyson vs Holyfield level.

I am hoping this post shames them into retracing their steps and sorting out their issues because i dont want to hear that anything happened not after all the money that was spent and the peppering done for their marriage festival.”

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