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Free Yourself From Slavery, You Only Owe Your Girlfriend courtesy, You Don’t Owe Her Maintenance – Reno Omokri Tells Boyfriends

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Reno Omokri, former media staff of former Nigeria president, Goodluck Jonathan, has given an advice to men of which many women could frown at.

This time, the author and lawyer is telling men that they don’t owe their girlfriends maintenance, that the only duty they owe her is courtesy.

According to him, men should look after their mothers if they want to look after a woman and emancipate themselves from that slavery..

“Dear boyfriend
The only duty you owe your girlfriend is courtesy. You dont owe her maintenance, or footing her bills. Emancipate yourself from that slavery. If you want to look after a woman, look after your mother!” he wrote.

He continued on Instagram; “‪It is a sign of mental laziness to allow any girlfriend manipulate you to the extent that you think you are are being responsible by looking after her. You are not. Think with your head, not your reproductive organ ”

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