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George Floyd: Staff Of US Embassy In Nigeria Join Protest In Style

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The staff of United States of America Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria on Monday has also shown solidarity for the protests that have took over the US following the murder of an unarmed African-American, George Floyd, by the US police.

The embassy shared a photo of its staff going down on one knee, a gesture that shows support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

The US Mission to Nigeria stated that it hoped both Nigerians and Americans would embrace the opportunity to promote peace and harmony among all humans.

The post read in part, “Today at 12:00 noon [WAT], the entire US Embassy Abuja community joined together in 84 seconds of silence in solidarity with those at home and around the world protesting the murders of George Floyd and others.

“This is marking two weeks since George uttered the words ‘I can’t breathe’ numerous times before his tragic death.

“Now, it is time for healing, for compassion, greater communication, and increased understanding. We sincerely hope that all of us, Americans and Nigerians, will learn from this episode and use it as inspiration to create a better world.”

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