Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

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Internet Fraudsters Should Be Arrested Alongside Their Girlfriends – Actress Etinosa

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Etinosa Idemudia has expressed her displeasure at the police for arresting fraudsters and leaving out their girlfriends. She added that they are accomplices to the crimes committed by their lovers.

She said this with reference to Hushpuppi’s girlfriend who is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend on the gram, regardless of the pain her ex-lover is going through.

We earlier reported that Hushpuppi and his alleged accomplices were arrested by Dubai police officers in an operation that was dubbed Fox Hunt 2.

She shared a video on her Instagram page where she can be heard saying;

“There’s one nonsense thing Police does that i do not like. When they successfully arrest an internet fraudster, they will not arrest the girlfriend, it is not fair. They are supposed to arrest the both of them because if they don’t do that, the girl might go on to meet another boy after she must her enjoyed the money of the former boyfriend.”

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