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Leave Nigeria If You Feel It’s Streesing You But Remember To Give Back – Nigerian Professor Writes

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A Nigerian Professor of Public Health, identified as Ann Amuta has penned down some words of advise to Nigerians who wants to leave the country.

In her tweets, she advised the prospective migrants not to forget to give back when they become successful in the country they settle in.

She backed her tweets by narrating how a married couple migrated to the US in 2010 and now earn a combined salary of $750k annually.

She tweeted;

“A married couple I am very good friends with who went to med school in Nigeria migrated to the US in 2010. They told me they could barely afford their flights. In 2020, their combined salary is around $750k annually. The guy is in general surgery, his wife pediatrics.

They have so much now and have done so much for their families back home. Even built houses and started a business for his mom. My point is…if you feel Nigeria is stifling you, leave but don’t forget to give back when you make it abroad.

The wife told me to add that her mother in-law now has 11 employees in her business; the one her son started for her. So their migration has indirectly benefited so many more families back home….pretty incredible! Brain drain is not economically all bad.”

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