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Missing 19-year-old ‘Black Live Matter’, Nigerian Activist, Oluwatoyin Salau Found Dead In Florida

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Florida, U.S.A. — Oluwatoyin Salau, a 19-year-old protester who begged for justice in the wake of Black lives lost found dead in Tallahassee, Florida.

Her family confirmed the death Monday morning.

Salau was found dead Saturday night after she went missing more than a week ago, on June 6, family members told the Tallahassee Democrat of the USA TODAY Network.

Salau was one of two homicide victims discovered Saturday night in southeast Tallahassee. Police identified the suspect as Aaron Glee Jr, 49. 

Victoria “Vicki” Sims, 75, who also had been reported missing, is the second victim. She was a retired state worker and grandmother well-known for her volunteerism and work in local Democratic politics.

Glee was arrested May 30 on a charge of aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, according to court records. On June 9, he was arrested on a charge of battery.

Glee Aaron Jr.

Salau went missing three days prior — on June 6. She was found dead Saturday night, a family member told the Democrat.

The last time Danaya Hemphill saw her friend was the day before she went missing.

In the hours before Salau went missing, she tweeted she had just been sexually assaulted.

“I had a feeling that we were not going to find Toyin alive,” said Hemphill, 22.

At each demonstration, Salau had been reciting the names of Black people killed, such as Tony McDade of Tallahassee and George Floyd of Minneapolis.

“I don’t want their names gone in vain,” Salau said during one protest in front of the Tallahassee Police Department last month.

Hemphill didn’t think her friend’s name would join that list.

“Toyin was very passionate,” said Hemphill. “She was very vocal she was very loving, very spiritual, very caring. 

“She was like a light in a dark room. That was Toyin.”

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