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Nigerian Man Shares How He Beat Up A Church Official For Insulting His Father Who Had Stroke

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A Nigerian man identified as @Otunbakush1 on Twitter has narrated he beat up a church official for insulting his father who had a stroke.

Nigerian man narrates how he beat up a church official for insulting his father who had stroke

According to the man, he offered to drive his dad to a church and when they arrived, he parked where it would be easier to wheel him inside the church.

However, he was confronted by the church official who claimed that he parked at a spot pastors and church workers.

The Twitter user recalled telling the official that his father was the church’s head of protocol before he had stroke, but he (official) however passed a comment of his father “drooling like an imbecile”.

He tweeted;
“My dad is 6years into his Stroke now, he was a Protocol officer with CMCM church Ogba, I don’t go to church, but that blessed day I offered to drive him to church, that day I knew there was high beef inside church, I parked where it would be easier to wheel him into the church.

Then I heard, in Yoruba ” I can’t park there” it’s meant for pastors and church workers, after I explained I’m Mr Lawrences’ son and he was ur head of protocol before he has stroke, and d man in his mid 50s said and I heard ” that’s none of his business…..

Was he the one that put him in that conditions, if I like I should carry him on my head, I shouldn’t park there” den I ignored, he said something later in yoruba, “e wo bi ó shey wato bi Àbírun” ( he’s drooling like an imbecile”.. I made hell rain on the man that day..

Didn’t mind his age, I beat him with all weapons I could lay my hands on, till he couldn’t move again and passed out”.. I carried my dad for 3 months, bathed him, cleaned him up, fed him, was always with him, and he was gonna say that nonsense at him…

I never regretted my actions cos I later heard he couldn’t walk again, yes I got arrested and was later released by the Then DPO of Ogba Police station after I narrated everything, he said d only thing that saved me was he didn’t die, but I wished he did…

He suffered for the entire family mehn, I will do it again without hesitation…. Never talk bad about people in bad conditions mehn, it just doesn’t tell on the dem, but people around them, u know d feelings wheeling your dad and his drooling and u keep cleaning it up.”

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