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Nigerian Twitter Influencer Respond After Being Accused By Ugandan Ex-girlfriend Over Unpaid Debt

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A Nigerian Twitter influencer identified as Ralph has replied his ex-girlfriend who called him out for not fulfilling his own part of an agreement they reached before his visit to Uganda.

She cheated – Nigerian Twitter influencer called out by Ugandan ex-girlfriend over unpaid debt defends himself

Yesterday, Reference Daily News reported that the lady claimed that they reached an agreement of splitting the bill incurred during Ralph’s stay in the East African country 50-50.

Reacting to his ex-girlfriend’s claim, Ralph insisted that the whole story was not put out by Sharon who he accused of cheating.

Ralph went on to reveal that he borrowed money and added some of his savings to fund his trip to Uganda but felt used after he discovered Sharon was a cheat, hence why he reneged on their agreement.

He also shared screenshots of their alleged chat to back his claim.

He tweeted;

“I don’t seem to understand why someone will call me out and not put the whole story in place. Yes, I went to Uganda out of my unconditional love for Sharon @AlumBaeOfficial I risked my Life and so many things

I borrowed money, added to some of my savings and went. I fell in love with her all over again but i got my heart shattered when I discovered she was a cheat!

I felt used and betrayed . How can you cheat and be so at peace with it?”

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