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Religious Leaders Commit 75% Of The Rape Cases Am Handling – Foluke Daramola-Salako

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Nollywood actress and founder of Passion Against Rape and Abuse Africa, PARAA, Foluke Daramola-Salako has revealed that 75% of rape cases she has handled involved religious leaders.

She made this known during an interview with media personality, Funmi Iyanda.

The actress said;

“75% of the cases I have on my table are from religious leaders, and a lot of time, we don’t get to the end of it, because when we start, the family would come and tell us we should leave the religious leader to God.”.

Daramola-Salako also rubbised claims that indecent dressing is responsible for the increased of rape cases.

“Nothing attracts rape, it is a sign of weakness. Why do they rape minors, teenagers, and even old women, is that also about indecent dressing?

You hardly find rape cases against young women except for sexual assaults and abuse in workplaces, we find it mostly amongst kids, teenagers, and elderly women, how come you are now telling me it is indecent dressing? And we are not animals.” she said

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