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You Don’t Need More Than N300k/Month To Live Comfortably In Lagos – Nigerian Finance Professional Writes

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A Nigerian Man on twitter has taken to the micro-blogging platform to share his personal opinion on why N300k/month is adequate for someone to live comfortably in Lagos.

Lagos, being a commercial hub, is often said to be on the high side when it comes to the cost of living.. but for twitter user @Thesasquatch_ who is a financial profession, with proper planning and catering to NEEDS only, a monthly salary of three hundred thousand might just be enough to live comfortably (assuming one has 0 dependent).

His tweets read ;
Frankly you don’t need more than 300k/ month to live comfortably in Lagos sha assuming you have 0 dependents. Hardly spend more than 250k on myself except on months where
@KelEkeledo & @Olukunle_S drag me to SIP or Velvett.

The balance is distributed to family & my women and dumped into investments. Proceeds from Investments is used to splurge on expensive stuff and make provisions for rent. My life is simple.

You don’t need more than 300k a month to live comfortably =/= you don’t need to earn more than 300k a month. My point is 300k is adequate to cater for your recurring expenses in a month assuming you have 0 dependents and live in Lagos.

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