Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

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APC Lawmaker Refers President Buhari As A Weak And Irrelevant Leader

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An All Progressives Congress lawmaker representing Mashi/Dutsi Federal Constituency of Katsina State in the House of Representatives, Mansur Mashi, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as an irelevant and weak leader, adding that if come 2023 Buhari supports Bola Tinubu’s supposed ambition to contest for Presidency.

The lawmaker also said in an audio recorded in Hausa that the President was weak.

In the translation of the audio, Mashi said, “Buhari will be irrelevant in 2023 because of his intention to support Bola Tinubu for president under APC.

“The North will not support that, and that will be his end. Our clerics and the people will not agree with that.”

The lawmaker has been facing bashing from APC members for his comments.

1 thought on “APC Lawmaker Refers President Buhari As A Weak And Irrelevant Leader

  1. Let stop discussing who should be the next Nigerian leader and focus on the years 2020 to 2022. All we need before then is to keep praying onto GOD to give us His right and fearful person who will be faithful to keep to all his promises who will not use sugar coated mouth to decieve Nigerians just get favour of been elected to the position and later turn down all his promises. Nigerians did not need a party, a famous personality as a leader as they have all failed us, we only need a faithful person, a person of good reputation, sincere and transparent in all his actions as well as decisoons and policies. He should be a knowledgeable, educated, well informed and good administrator. If we ask GOD to give us the right leader who will fear, obey and follow His directives, come 2023 by His mercy, He will surely give us.

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