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Hushpuppi Appoint Another Top Ranked Lawyer In Addition to Gal Pissetzky

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Alleged internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi has appointed another top ranked lawyer to represent him in California.

Hushpuppi Hires Another Top Rated Lawyer

The first lawyer Hushpuppi hired, Gal Pissetzky is only licensed to practice in Chicago and will now be supported by Vicki Podberesky of Andrues/Podberesky law firm based in Los Angeles.

Hushpuppi Hires Another Top Rated Lawyer

Vicki Podberesky’s law firm has a reputation in representing individuals in both state and federal criminal matters, as well as companies and individuals in administrative and in-house investigations.

Pissetzky had applied to appear Pro hac vice on behalf of the alleged fraudster in California on July 22, with an attestation letter from the Attorney Registration and the Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court in Illinois.

Mrs Podberesky was hired as the local counsel to work with Mr Pitsetssky after Justice Pedro V Castillo of the U.S court in California granted the Chicago lawyer’s Pro hac vice request.

Pissetzky who spoke with the publication, also disclosed that the case is far from being set to go to trial as government of the United States of America is yet to turn over all the evidence.

Hushpuppi Hires Another Top Rated Lawyer

Pissetzky however said date for the next court appearance is yet to be fixed.

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