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Lady Shares How Her Friends Assisted Her To Finish A Due Test In The Middle Of Her Birthday Party

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A Twitter user with the handle @maiyajanae_, has narrated how her friends helped her to finish a test which was almost due.

The young lady stated that she forgot she had a test and her friends came together to help her finish the test in the middle of her birthday party.

While sharing a photo of her friends helping out with the test, she wrote;

“I forgot I had a test during my birthday party and it was due at 11:59, so my girls came together and helped me finish in the middle of the turn up.”.

However, her tweet has sparked mixed reactions on the platform as some Twitter users accuse her of cheating.

See some comments below;

Publicly admitting that an impromptu study group collaborated for effective learning and completion… Black women don’t cheat pic.twitter.com/fgF0XKFfQD

— Nunya D. Bizness (@RealistChickEva) July 25, 2020

I trust her too

— 🧘🏾‍♀️ (@Hlobie_Maseko) July 25, 2020

She what? 🤔

— Ms. Taylor (@GrabA_Snicks) July 25, 2020

Please look up the definition of plagiarism… please

— 🇧🇧 (@iLyDougie) July 25, 2020

Now those are Friends but you need to take your school work more seriously pic.twitter.com/vblqNOkbRv

— Nkunzi emabalabala 🐄 (@squgza) July 26, 2020

fr what are we supposed to do? im chasin that A regardless of how i get there.

— L (check the pinned!!!) (@uhohitsL) July 25, 2020

right, like an at-home exam is understood as open book. don’t be that slow to not compute this

— alien (@kathreenmarie) July 25, 2020

Still cheating
But it’s good you use your resources pic.twitter.com/79SWsLYoIQ

— Yam (@DamnYamReally) July 25, 2020

Brains, beauty, and sisterhood!!! LOVE to see it!

— DOPEMATERIAL 💋 (@Dopematerialx) July 25, 2020

Nooope You Can’t Use Ye GIF No Mo Bro Lol. I Saw The “fuck you” 😂😂

— YoungBull10 (@BitchImTheBoy) July 25, 2020

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