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“Life Has No Guarantee, Your Enjoyment Is Your Greatest Asset” – Cubana Chiefpriest

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Nigerian celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest has taken to social media to advise Nigerians to ensure they enjoy their lives.

According to him, life has neither guarantee nor warranty and thus, people should always ensure they enjoy before death comes knocking.

He went ahead to opine that enjoyment is the greatest asset one has once they die.

Taking to his verified Instagram page to share several photos of himself ‘chopping life’ with his business partner at Cubana Group, Obi Cubana, the self acclaimed king of nightlife wrote;

“Many Have Gone !!! The One Wey Dem Chop Na Ehim Dem Carry Go. Invest In Your Enjoyment It’s Your Greatest Asset Once You Re Gone You No No Wetin Dey Happen Again, All Plans Shattered, Savings Gone, That Your Properties Your Kids Go Sell Am Take Chop, Your Wife Go Do Nyash N Boobs Come Enjoy Proper, Nobody Dey Too Important Dem Go Quick Forget You, Abeg As You Work Make Sure You Chop, Nobody Knows Tomorrow This Life No Get Guranty Talk More Of Warranty. For Burial Watch Closely Those Wey Cry Pass Na Dem Dey Chop Pass.”

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