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Man Rescues An Abandoned Baby While ‘Other People Were Busy Taking Pictures’

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A Nigerian man, identified as Mathew Oabode, has narrated how he rescued an abandoned baby while ‘other people were busy taking pictures’.

The young man said he just got back home from the hospital when a friend alerted him that a baby was abandoned somewhere.

Mathew said he rushed to the scene and saw crowd of people taking photos of the abandoned baby. He said he quickly took the child to the hospital for medical attention.

”Today, around 7:00am, just got back home after I slept at d Hospital with my pregnant sick Wife. A Friend called dat there’s an abandoned Child shivering in my Community as d Secretary & Youth Chairman. When I got dere, people were busy taking pictures.

I was so furious & d next thing I could do was calling on a bike Man & took d bouncing baby Boy to d nearest government Health Care Centre for treatment & d likes. Kudos to the Matron & d Health Workers as dey acted very fast in reviving d Child.” he wrote

See more photos of the baby below.

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