Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Man Says His Girlfriend Abandoned Him First, Followed By His Close Friends, After Testing, Lied To Them That He Lost His Job

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A South African medical practitioner, Jackson Van Staden, has revealed how his girlfriend dumped him after he lied that he lost his job.

Jackson decided to put his close friends to test, so he took a leave from work and told his close friends and girlfriend that he lost his job.

He went ahead to take his car to the mechanic shop and lied that his company seized it.

He also relocated from his house to squat with his brother, pretending that his house was being auctioned by his company.

However, after faking that he lost his fortunes, his girlfriend left him and most of the people he called his friends and family started abandoning him. After his sad experience, he came to the conclusion that nobody really cares for him.

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