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Decency, The Word Of The Day At DNC Convention By Yahaya Balogun

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DECENCY is the theme for tonight’s unconventional National Democratic Convention—DNC in America. America is seriously hungry for DECENCY, decorum, and normalcy. If you don’t have DECENCY, you can’t give DECENCY! You can’t give what you don’t have! When the other guy goes low; Joe Biden goes high with a sense of DECENCY and inclusiveness.

Americans deserve Joe Biden, Joe Biden deserves Americans! Great emphasis on DECENCY! Joe Biden represents DECENCY, EMPATHY, and DIGNITY! Inclusively, Joe Biden is a leader who knows how to bring divergent opinions and brings different people together to solve common problems and achieve a common purpose and goal. Joe Biden understands the plight of the ordinary people, and he understands the grace and success of the rich and poor. Joe Biden is very compassionate and gracious in character. Joe is a representation of the progress and the soul of a nation.

According to Michelle Obama tonight, “Joe Biden knows the feeling of sitting at the dining table with an empty chair.” This is a very powerful line from all-powerful speeches made tonight! Michelle Obama deconstructed the midget mind in the White House and she seriously reduced him with intelligence. She glows Joe Biden’s DECENCY tonight.

Every brilliant speech made so far tonight has been anchored on DECENCY, the yearning for a replacement, and for a decent man to occupy the Oval Office. The presidency of Joe Biden will bring DECENCY, empathy, good leadership, and progress back to America in November.

Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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