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“Some Sinners Have More Love Than Churchgoers” – Reno Omokri

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Popular Nigerian author and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has shared his view about religious practices, stating that some sinners have more love than churchgoers.

The Buhari tormentor made this known in a recent post he shared on his official Instagram page today, July 30.

According to him, beer drinkers for instance visit their sick friends in the hospital and pay for their medical bills if the ailing friend(s) cannot afford to pay.

He however berated some Christians especially those he categorized as “churchgoers” for not helping, associating or showing love to their fellow Christians.

He wrote, “If beer drinkers hear that one of their friends are sick, they visit him. If he can’t afford medicine, they contribute towards buying it. They listen to each other and provide moral support when their fellow is down. They even invest in each other’s businesses. You in your church can’t help each other. In fact, if you are in the ushering department, you can’t enter the choir members clique. Yet, you look down on beer drinkers? If Christianity is about love (and it is), some sinners have more love than churchgoers!”

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