Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Breaking: Publish Details Of Those Suspected Or Face Legal Action, SERAP Warns FG Over N2.67bn School Feeding Fund Found In A Private Bank Account

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Following disclosure by @ICPC_PE that N2.67bn meant for school feeding during the COVID-19 lockdown ended up in private bank accounts, we’re calling on @FMHDSD @Sadiya_farouq to immediately publish details of those suspected to be responsible, or face legal action.

If the names are not immediately published, we’ll issue a freedom of information request to ensure that those involved are named and shamed.

We’ll also pursue appropriate legal actions to hold suspected perpetrators to account, in the public interest.

Diverting funds meant to feed school children [who are already disproportionately affected by corruption], especially during COVID-19 is a blatant violation of the rights to education, health, and dignity, as well as the government’s own COVID-19 transparency frameworks.

Corruption in school feeding increases distrust in the government.

@NigeriaGov must ensure transparency and accountability measures are fundamental to all school feeding and other initiatives in the context of COVID-19, to ensure the children receive the support they need.

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