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Oklahoma City Police Shot Each Other Trying To Shoot A Black Teenager

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According to a report, two Oklahoma City Police Department officers shot each other in an attempt to shoot an African American teenager they were chasing.

Ray (not his real name) was running from the police after a squad car pulled over next to him while he was walking home from the Apple store. He heard the officer say “suspect is in the position of the stolen phone and he looks armed and dangerous”.

The 18-year-old said he just bought the phone 15 minutes earlier and when he heard that the officer assumed he was armed he decided to run for his life because he did not want to be in the presence of police officers who assumed he was armed and dangerous.

“I ran into the alley and felt like I am going to have an asthma attack and decided to among so garbage that was pilled up in the alley. I only saw one officer so when I heard his footsteps passing I came out to ran back to the street on to find I am in the middle of two officers. I was trying to put my hand up when four shots rang and the two officers fell down”

Ray was grazed by three bullets, one on his ear, two on both sides of his neck. One office had a bullet go through his shoulder and the other one had a bullet on his neck. The teen said he ran to safety and then call the ambulance.

His parents later took him to the police station where they learned that the real criminal he was mistaken for was apprehended and he was not black. The officer who was shot on the neck by his partner lost too much blood and did not make it.

Source: npas

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