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Sex Toy Shop Assault: Court Ask Senator Abbo To Pay Victim N50m

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A Federal Capital Territory High Court has told Elisha Abbo, lawmaker representing Adamawa North Senatorial at the National Assembly, to pay N50m as compensation to Osimibibra Warmate for assaulting her at a sex toy shop in Abuja.

In July 2020, a magistrate court in Zuba found the senator not guilty of criminal assault. 

However, Warmate proceeded to file a fundamental human right suit marked CV/2393/19 before the FCT High Court.

Delivering judgment on Monday, the judge found Abbo guilty and ordered him to pay the sum to the young lady.

“I was a leading member of the team, with @nellymacaroni which filed the court papers in a civil suit between Ms Warmate vs Senator Elisha Abbo for the assault of Ms Warmate at an adult shop in Abuja. Excited to announce that the court slammed damages of N50m against Senator Abbo today,” Lugard Tare-Otu, a lawyer to the victim said.

Reference Daily News had reported the May 11 incident occurred barely three months after Abbo became a senator-elect and a month before he was sworn in on June 11.

The senator was seen in a video physically assaulting the woman, whom he accused of insulting him by calling him “a drunk”.

A policeman, who stood by, did nothing to protect the victim.

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