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Assault: Nigerian Man Violently Abuse A Married Woman, Threatens Her Husband, Says He Was Angry

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A Nigerian man identified as Bankole Aremu reportedly assault a woman identified as Mrs Toyin Fasipe by beating her to the state of coma, leaving so many bruises and blood on her at Igbogbo, Ikorodu.

When queried for the reason of his actions he couldn’t answer as at the time of reporting, however, he has since been remanded in prison as the court adjourn his case.

Reference Daily News exclusively spoke with the husband (Mr Fasipe) who gave a full report of how the incident occurred till date.

When asked to explain what led to the assault and what are the actions taken.

Mr Fasipe said the incident happened on the 31st of May, 2020 during the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will recall that there was no church service then, so we had to group ourselves in unit. I went to my fellowship unit with a bike because my car was faulty and told my wife to wait for the bike man to come back to pick her. After a while when I was expecting their arrival that the bike man called me that my wife wav been beaten my a man.

Then, I persuaded one of the fellowship member to give me a lift with his car to my house. On our way, I decided to go to the man first and ask what happened because the man stays around my house and I felt it might be that my wife spoke amiss and he abused her. Few distance from his house, I saw him and because one of my leg isn’t effective, I brought out a leg and ask the man, that’s Mr Bankole Aremu, the accused what transpired between him and my wife, the next thing was that he gave me three hot slap and started beating me again. Meanwhile, about ten of his friends were standina a far off seeing as he abuse me but the were laughing and didn’t interfere. So I quickly closed the car door and I was taken home.

On getting home, I saw my wife with blood on her face, hand and body with lots of bruises. We took her to the baale to report but seeing my wife he was also shocked and he said that such case his beyond his jurisdiction, that we should report to the police. When we got to the police station, luckily the DPO was outside and on seeing my wife he screamed that who could have done such a thing to her.

Immediately, he gave us a letter to take her to the emergency unit at a government hospital, which took us about 4 hrs before we returned to the station. Unfortunately, before our arrival, the accused, Mr Bankole Aremu had gone to see the police and settled him. On arrival, the DPO changed the topic that we should forgive him, that what will be my wife gain if he man is jailed, although he scold the accused too. However, I asked the DPO to let is know the reason for the assault and he said its anger that it can happen but I said no and insisted that he must be arrested.

After much interrogation, they said there’s no fuel in the car that I should pay N5, 000 to buy fuel, then after a while they said they didn’t see him, the next day I pay another, N5, 000 for fuel and they insisted that they couldn’t find him that I can go get a local security which I got and pay them N20, 000 and after they arrested him after a week.

Due to the relationship, the accused had with the DPO, he was released, so we reported to a human right body that then sue him to court, though I said I don’t want to go to court, that all I needed is why he beat my wife but they insisted. Eventually we went to court but due to Covid-19, the case was adjourned to 28th of October, 2020.

After the court sitting, the judge further adjourn the case and he was remanded in prison.

See details of the Assault case:

One Mr Bankole Aremu has on 31/05/2020 along fish and road, igbogbo in ikorodu magisterial district did beat one Mrs Toyin Fasipe to the state of coma ,the beating which left a lot of bruises and wound on the woman , the man was asked what the woman had done to deserve such beaten but could not say anything leading to the act , the case has then been charge to court . Mr Bankole Aremu was arraign 24/7/2020 which the case was adjourn to 27/08/2020 the court did not sit and a new date was given which is 28/10/2020 today .

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