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Desmond Elliot Debunk Reports Of Lagos Assembly Developing Bill To Regulate Social Media, Tackles Twitter User, Dr Olufunmilayo For False Alarm

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A Lagos State House of Assembly member, Desmond Elliot, has cleared the air on a false report in the social media to the effect that the Assembly is working on a bill to regulate social media use in the state.

In a video posted on his verified Instagram page, the actor turned politician while citing a post from a Twitter user, Dr Olufunmilayo, said that it was not in the jurisdiction of the state government to pass such a bill.

He said, “Good evening. My name is Desmond Elliot. I just came out of a plenary sitting at the House of Assembly and before we finished, Dr Olufimilayo tweeted saying. ‘The Lagos State House of Assembly is developing a bill to regulate and control speech on social media and Desmond Elliot is said to be one of those pushing this. So the plan is to deny the Lekki massacre.’

“Please, I beg of you, I beg us and everyone. This is not true, it is totally unfounded. Dr Olufunmilayo, why don’t you even verify? Aren’t we going through a lot already? It is not true, period. No State House of Assembly has the jurisdiction to pass any bill like this, it is not possible. It simply lies on the exclusive list on the federal level. You can’t. Every member has a right to say something but you can’t.

“The only thing I said towards social media was that the celebrities, social influencers and motivational speakers should know we have followers so we should please cut down on the hate narrative. Everyone is going through so much right now.”

Elliot further captioned the video, “I never said that. No bill to that effect. No house of Assembly can develop such a bill.”

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