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EndSars: I Apologize To Every Nigerians On Behalf Of Celebrities, For Not Speaking Up Early – Paul Okoye

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Popular Nigerian Singer, Paul Okoye has taken to his social media page to apologize on behalf of his colleagues to Nigerians for not having the nerve to speak up about the ills going on in the country.

The Singer tweeted;

On behalf of all the celebrities…… I apologise to all Nigerians, I swear we for don start dis thing since, but never to late, we move.

On behalf of all the celebrities…… I apologise to all Nigerians 🙏🙏 aswear we for don start dis thing since ✊🏾🇳🇬 but never to late ✊🏾🇳🇬 we move ✊🏾🇳🇬

— Rudeboy (@rudeboypsquare) October 17, 2020

Below are some comments that trailed Paul’s post ;

Godson wrote ;

Time is the greatest, if you feel this should had be done a long time ago while y’all were still soliciting for government funded gigs and personal favors from the upper echelons of government I sincerely believe it wouldn’t marinate, the PEOPLE started this the PEOPLE will end it

Adetoye wrote ;

No time is too late to start something good. “all we are asking for is humanity, to live like normal human beings in our own country”

@yarteck wrote ;

Many for don start am but na that same thing wey hold una hold them so forget the apologies. Selfishness na general disease. Na just few people escaped the something. But for now make we

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