Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

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Nigerians Identify One Of The Hired Thugs That Attacked Lagos #EndSARS Protesters, Demand His Arrest

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Nigerians on social media have disclosed the identity of one of the thugs, who attacked peaceful protesters at the Lagos State House of Assembly on Thursday morning and are demanding his arrest.

During the attack, a protester documenting the incident captured the picture of one of the thugs brandishing a cutlass and a search of him on the social media identified him as Adagun Rasheed Osha.

Findings by Nigerians on Twitter, who are sharing information and metadata from his Facebook post, shows that he is a resident of Mushin.

Some users also volunteering information say he lives on Morica Street and is always at Oju Oja Market in Agege from where he conducts shady operations.

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