Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

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Traffic Warden Shed Tears Of Joy As Abuja Protesters Blessed Him With Food, Drinks And Cash To Appreciate His Good Work (PHOTOS)

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A traffic warden could not hide his emotions after protesters in Abuja showered him with love and gifts during the protest.

Twitter user, Victor Daniel who shared the incident, said the traffic warden wanted to run when he saw the protesters coming towards him.

However, the protesters told him to stop running, appreciated his good work, and showered him with loads of love and gifts.

Victor wrote;

“Today in Abuja, the protesters approached a traffic warden & he was trying to run. They stopped him & told him they recognized their good works, & gave him drinks, food & fruits. After they left, he bent down and shed some tears. RT! #EndsSARS #EndSWATNow

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