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The Christian’s Involvement In This Revolution Is Sacrosanct By Kofoworola Beckley

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For contemporary society to admit that we live in a world which is basically opposed to God’s revelation would require a total revolution in lifestyle. Such will be a movement of the people towards a grand change; the uprising or resistance against harmful docility.

In our world, there is not only hostility to the very idea of His existence but also a misunderstanding of God’s expectations of humans. The last thing many want to hear is that power resides in us, to resist every form of slavery and oppression. Enough of taking long walks and standing around making sacrifices and services while we continue to tolerate bloodshed. Sometimes it is sinful not to be angry at the wrongdoings of desperate and wicked people; their injustice and exploitation. It is even demeaning to seek solutions to the challenges of life from misguided leaders, while we hopelessly take an upward look into the stars. God will not do for man, what man refuses to do for himself!

It’s high time we realized that our Creator reveals more truth than any prophet; He leads more sinners to reconciliation than any pastor. The leaders of mankind are mere opinion makers who most times are bent on selling their opinions attractively, while anticipating that they would be enriched as a result to have dominion over other people. They enjoy using Christian principles as repressive instruments, thereby causing restless wars, chaos, and anguish. We ought therefore, to make a clear distinction between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is the amassing of facts, whereas Wisdom knows what to do with what we have amassed. God, through the Bible is letting us know that our life experiences should be dealt with accordingly. The Bible insists that man is the intelligent product of an intelligent Creator. If only we would stop being fooled into thinking that liberation movements are anarchists. If only we would at a time like now, rise, unite, and fight the enemy. Only then, can God set us free. We must never forget that freedom cometh by struggle.

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