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Global Peace Index: Nigeria Ranked Among The Unsafe Countries

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The 2019 Global Peace Index (GPI) has ranked Nigeria as one of the least peaceful countries in the world.

The Buhari led administration, and the ruling party had bragged about having kept the country in good condition unlike it was when they resumed power, but the report revealed the status of Nigerians safety is now alarming.

Nigeria is ranked 148 out of 163 countries in the world.
This is as a result of the continuous economic depreciation, insurgency, kidnapping, banditry and suicide rate increment.

Nigeria shares spoil with Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Somalia and South Sudan.

According to the Global Peace Index reports, “experiences of sadness, stress, and worry are on the rise regardless of peace levels”.

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    “In the past decade, 77 countries experienced increased sadness while only 20 decreased in experiences of sadness. Of those that increased in sadness, 44 had a corresponding deterioration in peace level.

    “Of those that decreased in sadness, 60 per cent recorded a corresponding increase in peacefulness. Less than half of the countries that improved in stress and worry levels had corresponding improvements in their GPI scores.”

    It was revealed that the peace rate as drastically reduced in the past 10 years.

    “Since 2008, 81 countries have become less peaceful, compared to 81 that have improved.

    It admitted that most of the deterioration in peacefulness over the last decade occurred in the MENA region. If this region was excluded from the analysis, the average level of peace in the world would only have deteriorated by 0.95 per cent.

    “Even within the MENA region, the deterioration in the last decade was concentrated in a handful of countries, most notably Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Bahrain,” the GPI pointed out.

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