Fri. May 7th, 2021

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China To Grant Easy Visa Application To Nigerians

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We would establish more opportunities for Nigerians to come to China in the years to come.

The People’s Republic of China government said this on Monday represented by the Consul General of China in Lagos State, Mr Chu Maoming.

He said that the consulate and the Chinese embassy would promote and hasten the issuing of visas to more Nigerians applying.

Mr Maoming said the agreement signed by the Nigerian president and Xi Jingpin on the belt and Road initiative is good progress for both countries.

“Within the framework of the agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative signed between Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jinping, there would be more business and trade transaction between China and Nigeria.

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    “We do know that more Nigerians would be travelling to China and more of Chinese businesses and investments coming to Nigeria.

    “What we want Nigerians to know is that the process for applying for the Chinese visas is one of the fastest and most convenient,” he said.

    He further said that Nigerians applying for visas to China for businesses, investment and other areas would be given high preferences.

    “We are going to be seeing more of Chinese businesses, trade and investments in Nigeria. We would also be seeing more investments from Nigeria in China.

    “We are very happy to see the strengthening of our areas of cooperation within the framework of the One Belt and Road.

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