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Police Fired Tear Gas At Ilaje Youth Over Protest At Governor’s Office

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Photo Credit: Channel tv

Police restrained youth from Ilaje local government area of Ondo state on Monday for protesting at the governor’s office entrance in Akure, Ondo state.

The police fired tear gas at the youth protesting peacefully.
The youth had initially denied access to the coming in and going out from the office of the governor complex.

The reason for the youth protest was a request for the recognition of Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Community (OSOPADEC) an interventionist cadre of the government to build the oil producing communities in the state.

The youth cried that the people of Ilaje local government area are poor and their community not developed, but the state generates revenue from the oil production.

The protesters with various placards and diverse description on them sang solidarity songs to relay their demand to the government and insisted on talking with the governor which the police restrain them from doing.

As the intensity increases, regular and mobile police officer were deployed to the scene to dislodge the protesters against violence.

After which the police released some tear gas canister to chase the protesters away after they failed to leave the governor’s office entrance.

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