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NNPC Gas Pipeline Explosion Creates Fear On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

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A gas pipeline belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation exploded on Tuesday along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway but was quickly stopped from causing much havoc.

An excavator being used by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC by mistake burst the gas pipeline which raised the alarm on all motorist, residents and traders around Mowe Ibafo, Ogun State.

Speaking to the journalists present, the project staff member of the ministry of power, works and housing said, the excavator operator himself was to be praised for preventing the danger from being devastating.

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    He said, “We were using an excavator at the time, but we did not know that there is a pipeline running through that area.

    Suddenly, around 2 pm, we heard an explosion, which lifted all of us off the ground.

    “Thank God for the operator of the excavator; he is our hero. He was the one who started using his equipment to pour sand on the spot to prevent a fire outbreak. He could have died while trying to save us, but we thank God that we did not lose anyone.

    “We subsequently stopped the traffic to prevent a fire outbreak, and we quickly called the appropriate agencies to put the situation under control.”

    Omodasola Iyaniwura, a resident, called on the petroleum management to fix the leaking gas pipeline without loitering.
    She said, “When we heard the explosion, we all took to our heels.

    Afterwards, we started experiencing peppery feeling in our eyes. We started praying to God to have mercy on us. We were all in a state of panic until the valve was closed from a substation.

    “It shouldn’t take them up to one hour to fix the problem, but in Nigeria, as we know it, it may take up to one week. We are just imploring them to fix the pipeline as soon as possible to prevent a fire outbreak.”

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