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Credence, Tribute To These Great Patriots, Legends; Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana, Omoyele Sowore And Ken Saro-Wiwa By Sowore Morakinyo.

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(Left to right) Femi Falana, SAN | Human Right Lawyer – Omoyele Sowore | Founder of Sahara Reporters, Environmental and Human Right Activist

We scrambled up the steep hillside over life in our dear country. Having heard of the billions flying here and there truly make me feel dizzy, fictitious contracts with billions of dollars, trillions of naira made away without questions.l

These four patriots, as Advocates of Democracy, have suffered arbitrary arrest and detentions from régimes for the sake of Nigerians, quizzed severely and severally.

One of the challenges we have today is not merely that of policymakers being too far away from the people’ opinion moulders are sometimes too distant to be able to feel the pulse of the people.

Prof. Wole Soyinka | Playwright, Poet and Essayist

Some of the people we look up to speak from the cosy corners of privileged table of the high and mighty. They prefer to remains mute in uproar than to allow the table shake.

Those snoring in their cosy corners today, while these great patriots front a challenging task of a new Nigeria, might be the first victims tomorrow, not moulded into shape by those in control.

Unfortunately, many people are lost to their party, ethnic and religious affiliations, thereby not been able to think clearly; it is absurd to still be in this clause.

Ken Saro-Wiwa | Writer, Television Producer, Environmental Activist

Soldiers who might have been alive today, looking forward to seeing better days tomorrow, died unnecessarily, children, who need not die’ are dying due to lack of access to primary health care. Yet some are lining behind those whose action and inaction has led us to where we are today.

We can collectively join hands together, not to incures this lunatic fury of our corrupt leaders, if we sincerely nod to these points without sentiment, l grew up knowing these patriots fighting the same course. Respect to these great patriots!

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