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Nigeria’s Genius, Adebayo Alonge Wins Technology Award For Inventing Nanoscanner That Detects Fake Drugs

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Nigeria’s Genius, Adebayo Alonge has won Technology Award for inventing Nanoscanner that authenticates fake drugs and helps patients avoid dangerous counterfeits.

Adebayo who is also Co-Founder/CEO of RxAll Inc, was chosen as overall winner for 2019 BNP Paribas Group Deep Tech Prize.

He has also represented Africa at World’s largest deepTech conference in Paris

The competition was designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies

According to Adebayo, “I would want every Nigerian and the world to be safe from fake drugs and fake medications”-Alonge

In his acceptance speech, Alonge said that his own experience suffering from the effects of a fake drug—as well as his belief that science and technology should serve the public good—inspired him to create the RxScanner.

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