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PDP Attacks Sanwo-Olu On Cabinet Appointment Delay

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The People Democratic Party Lagos chapter has attacked the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to state the essence of his cabinet appointment delay to Lagosians.

This was said in a statement by the party publicity secretary, Taofik Gani.

He said the governor was uncoordinated, “hence the apparent total stagnancy in the governance of the state coupled with strongly rumoured cases of funds embezzlement, mismanagement and misappropriation.”

The “unwarranted delay” is confirmation of the party’s stance that Sanwo-Olu was ill-prepared and hurriedly brought on board as governor.

He said, “Lagosians are suffering the uncoordinated governance as observed in increased traffic jams, increased insecurity, abandoned and decaying infrastructure.

“Governance in the state has become guerrilla-styled and disillusioned. There is no excuse for this in a state as Lagos that is blessed with numerous credible intellectuals.”

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“We thus have an extreme suspicion that the governor has deliberately delayed a cabinet to solely corner the finances in the state probably to recuperate the huge amounts spent on his election. This is a really dangerous omen for a special case state like our Lagos State.”

Gani accused the governor of adopting “aberration” in the state without a cabinet by acting as sole administrator, adding that the cabinet delay was unpardonable.

He stated, “The Lagos PDP consequently suggests to the state Assembly to summon the governor to appear before it to explain the reasons for such aberration while the state assembly should also start to monitor the finances of the state’s ministries and parastatals.”

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