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Miyetti Allah Warned Against Proposed Fulani Vigilance Group In The South East

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Senator Walid Jibrin, Chairman Board of Trustees for the People Democratic Party, has solemnly warned the Meyitti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria on their proposed plan to create the “Fulani Vigilance Group” in the South-East.

He advised Meyitti Allah to ignore such an idea during a press conference in Kaduna.

Senator Jibrin who is also the chairman of the Concern Fulani Leaders said, “any attempt to form a vigilance group in the South East or any part of the South would further aggravate the already bad situation on ground regarding the Fulani race.”

He proposed a peace conference that would involve farmers and herders, noting that the conference should be devoid of any personal, political and tribal affinities.

He said, “I want to call on all Fulani Associations in Nigeria to stop the idea of forming Herdsmen vigilance group in South East and the whole of Southern Nigeria to allow peace and harmony to reign in the country.

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“Instead, as Sakin Fulani and one of the Fulani and Northern elders, I want to advise all existing Fulani Associations to first of all unite by coming to a roundtable conference to enable them discuss extensively the problems of herdsmen and the farmers within the various communities in Nigeria, with a view to finding lasting solutions to the situation,” he said.

He added, “The dialogue should involve the whole states in Nigeria. The Federal Government must also come immediately to end this feud. The peace conference should be devoid of any personal, political and tribal interest.

“After the meeting of all the Fulani Associations, their recommendations should be presented to Fulani Emirs and Elders under the leadership of the Sultan of Sokoto, who should invite all the governors to discuss the issues raised.

“It is my views that forming the Herdsmen Vigilance group in the South will only aggravate the situation instead of solving them.”

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