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Rape, kidnapping By Fulani Herdsmen Storms Ondo State

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While we crave and clamour for security to the people living in the north, the same insecurity is gradually taking over the affairs and storming the southwestern region of the country, which causes the Ondo women to lament over the rape and kidnapping currently going on in the state by the Fulani herdsmen.


This led to the protest by the troubled women in Ondo state.
On Thursday, these women moved through the Deji of Akure palace with leaves on them and cried for the end of the criminal acts by the Fulani herdsmen.

Mrs Uche Daodu, one of the protesters, told Sahara reporters in Akure that they are disturbed about the increasing case of kidnapping and attacks-most, especially in the women.

She said, “If you have noticed that the rates of kidnapping in Ondo State are now becoming too alarming, including the cases of ritualists in the state.

“Already, we have learned that these set of people who are kidnapping and causing all these issues are the Fulani herdsmen.
“These evil dowers (Fulani herdsmen) after perpetrating the act would run away into the bushes within the state where they currently stay and sleep.

“Also, almost every day we are now hearing cases of kidnapping in fact blood shared are just too much in the state, and the rate of raping cases is just too high.
“Many that want to travel are scared because of the cases of kidnapping by Fulani Herdsmen on our road and due to the widespread occurrence of missing persons imagine the circumstances of disappeared underwear too.

“We have the belief that we cannot continue like this as Ondo state is known as a very peaceful state. So, when did all of a sudden this ugly situation started rearing its head” she queried.

Daudu laments that Ondo state has been known nationwide as one of the most peaceful state, but it’s gradually becoming troubled over the rising mishaps.

She, therefore, urged the security personnel to come to their aid so that the situation won’t do out of hands.

She said their protest was to make the females who happen to be the major target to be careful and cautious.

“We are crying out now for justices, and we want our traditional leaders to urgently do something about this as their evil acts are becoming too rampant in our dear state (Ondo).

“Because these people surrounded the forest in the state with terrible ammunition and we are now asking what is the law enforcement agency doing about it.

“We want more collaborations and proper synergies between the law enforcement and security agencies in the state – like the Police, NSCDC, Army, FRSC and NDLEA officials.

“We believe their collaborations will help stop all these evil machinations that is currently going on in Ondo State because we the woman can’t enter the village markets again as a result of attack and rape on us”.

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