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Kamala Harris and American Exceptionalism By Yahaya Balogun

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When I swore to the oath of the United States Citizenship almost a decade ago, I knew being initiated as a privileged citizen of the US was going to be life insurance and security for my family and me. Every reasonable immigrant and individual in the United States is innately equipped to see and explore American exceptionalism. This writer and countless US immigrants have used the opportunities abound in America for possibilities. Kamala Harris, the presumptive Vice President to Joe Biden and the erstwhile US President Barak Obama, are an excellent example of what could come out from immigrants including the writer of this piece.

The parents of Kamala Harris were scholars and immigrants who came to the US to explore American exceptionalism. Barak Obama’s father immigrated to the United States in the pursuit of education and happiness. In the process of his pursuit of happiness, Barak’s father and his American mother gave America a unique and beautiful gift that eventually became a rock star in academics and one of the best Presidents America has produced. The choice of Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential candidate will replicate the success of President Obama when the duo (Joe Biden and Kamala Harris) are sworn-in after their impending victory in November.

Meanwhile, the pertinent question: is America a perfect or utopian society? Far from it! But it is not a dystopian society either. America is an organized society where everyone is still accountable for a civil misdemeanor, or criminal justice. Realistically, utopian clime only exists in the realm of imagination and excited perfectionism of man.

Is America a land of opportunity and possibility? Absolutely, yes! America is a great country with incredible opportunities. Every occasion (opportunity) is open to vast options (probabilities) for those who have a sense of imagination to tap from unending American openings (opportunities).

America is a metaphorical nuance, and the admixture of what I call ‘be what you want to be, and what you ought not to be.’ The simple interpretations of my verbiage above are: one, ‘be what you want to be’ means: choose a career prospect; follow your dreams with perseverance and tenacity. There is an avalanche of opportunities to excel in any area of your chosen career.

The second interpretation of the coined idiom of ‘what you ought not to be’ means: you are at liberty to use your mind to make reasonable decisions; follow the law or not follow the law; failure of which will result in facing the consequences of your criminal action. America is a country where you imagine, and your sense of imagination is rejuvenated and achieved; a country where you imagine a possibility, and your conception is synthesized for happenstance.

The current occupants of the Oval Office and the global pandemic that have consumed the lives of great American people are unfortunate things that were (un)avoidable, but American greatness remains intact. Americans will vote overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November to honor the irreplaceable souls of the victims of Coronavirus pandemic.

The “We the people,” as enshrined in the United States’ constitution, is a collection of ideas and talents in the multi-diversity of America. It is pertinent that the seventy percent potent minds in the diverse groups of America must reasonably educate the remaining thirty percent of Americans fixated to the retrogressive ideas of the past. These thirty percent are those who revel in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s coinage and instructive stance of avoiding “the danger of telling a single story.”

American stories are diverse, and the history of America is pleasantly or unpleasantly, written in many stories. Also, tumultuous American history embellishes its present, but the so-called thirty percent, are infiltrated with the conspiracy theorists. They ignorantly and arrogantly enjoy blissful ignorance. These fringe elements use social media, electronic and print media to traffic in fake news and other weaponized issues to sway the vulnerable members of the thirty percenters. Mendacious liars can only rot for a little bit, but in the long run, they will fizzle out into the abyss of time.

Interestingly, all attempts to negatively reconstruct Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s characters by their distractors have been debunked or punctured. Kamala Harris is one of the representations of the greatness of America. Kamala Harris’s prowess in jurisprudence makes her a quintessential amazon of American uniqueness.

As former Attorney General of the large state of California, Kamala Harris’s toughness and consistency also make her a strong force to reckon with in the American legal community. Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team has done an incredible job to have surprisingly come up with Kamala Harris’s choice as Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate. Her candidacy has sentenced Trumpist-GOP to a state of political emergency and quagmire.

The feelers coming from the people’s voices now terrify the current Humpty Dumpty and his subservient replica status of Moscow in the Oval Office. They will find it extremely difficult to come up with any winnable strategy to defeat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November. The handwriting is on the wall to see the inevitable humiliation of those who have mendaciously lied and threatened American exceptionalism. The enablers of the loquacious Potus in the Republican party are now scampering and hiding under one canopy hand of their party.

As we approach November 3, Democrats and US voters seem to be planning against what the Republicans can likely do; they’re also planning to dismantle what Potus and the Republican party can do to suppress people’s chance and choice to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3 general election. The massive voting by voters in the forthcoming general election will help to return America to decency, normalcy, recoup the American global leadership and preservation of her exceptionalism.

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