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US 2020 Election: The Contrast Between Darkness And Light By Yahaya Balogun

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L-R (Trump and Pence | Harris and Biden)

Man is not what he thinks he is; he is what he hides.

— Andre’ Malraux

A measured leader in adversity and in times of need is a true leader.

— Yahaya Balogun

On Thursday 20, 2020, Joe Biden, the candidate for the Democratic Party in the US 2020 presidential election, accepted his nomination and proved every cynic wrong. Joe Biden eloquently delivered a scathing rebuke of Trump. Trump is an unconcerned, unteachable man with no human flesh in his obdurate’s heart. Trump is a man who has effortlessly polarized the good people of the United States of America. Joe Biden’s aspirational, well-thought-out, and crafted speech was a speech of his life. Joe Biden trumped President Trump in the address that wrapped up the successful Covid-19 induced unconventional Convention of the Democratic National Convention—DNC.

With no equivocation, Joe Biden is a good, humble, decent, and experienced man in all areas of his (public and private) life. Joe Biden, a Vice President who stood loyally and solidly by his President, Barack Obama, to rescue a nation who was in free fall, and wry downward movement into a great depression in 2008 US economic quagmire. It is an intellectual travesty by Joe Biden’s adversaries to have attempted to diminish his intellectual capacity and mental acuity. I have often told people that appalling appellations of the Vice President and name-calling will backfire and be a beautiful gift for Joe Biden in the Fall’s Presidential election. The ominous signs are on the wall for the mindless and mendacious Republicans to see their disgraceful exit in November.

The highlights of Joe Biden’s speech watched by more than 29.8 million viewers in the United States are full of hope and aspiration; and the reproach of Donald Trump’s parlous state and fibbing presidency. It was a promising address expressly delivered on how to revamp the US economy, bring back decency in government, restore US global leadership, and preserve American exceptionalism.

There were bright contrasts and withering outbursts against President Donald Trump–contrary to some early predictions that Joe Biden wouldn’t deliver. Joe Biden’s focus was mainly on Trump’s failure to combat the coronavirus that has killed more than 176,000 Americans and Trump’s fundamental lack of compassion and solace. Empathy, value, and decency were the star words used mostly at the convention. These words are the star qualities that define Biden. And Joe Biden is almost compulsively compassionate, humble, and gracious. He always calls people who are going through difficulties. Joe Biden cares less of indiscriminately giving out his cell-phone number to people in need and problems. According to John Avlon, “For all his faults, he is that rarest of things: a genuinely caring politician.”

In real times, life has broken Joe Biden’s heart, but Biden has emerged, as Ernest Hemingway wrote, strong at the broken places. Joe Biden’s persona has remained unscathed. Joe Biden told us in his historic speech at the Democratic National Convention-DNC how he has been able to weather the storms of adversity in his private and public life. You do not know the strength of a man until faced with the challenges and difficulties of everyday life. And you do not know your real friends until the drift of life challenges you. Man is not always what his adversaries project him to be; he is what his values and integrity encompass. Existentially, values are principles, standards, or qualities by which we live our lives; our values shape the person we become, and our actions to our neighbors and humanity reflect those values.

Meanwhile, in life, when Providence allows you to be in a position; you better utilize the situation to affect human beings positively. Your good post today isn’t by happenstance. Your current status is by deliberate design and grace of God to use you as a conduit to impact other people’s lives. We should always avoid things that will make us fall from grace to the bottomless pit of odor-grass and public disgrace! ( Àpadà sí burúkú, àpadà sí ìgbà, olórún máje kó jé ti wa! Àmín.) May the good men and women, children, and old not ostracize and expunge us to the faction of those who have lost their common sense and etiquette?

To those who are enabling misdemeanor and bad behavior, the pertinent questions for you are: what will history write about you for being a troll or agent of disinformation, lies, and the indecency of an indecent man? What will you tell your children about your participation in the distribution of darkness, hate, and division in an exceptional and unique country we all love? How do you want to look back in the nearest future and tell your grandchildren that you were one of the participants who created division and enabled sociopaths and a man with a narcissistic attitude? These are existential questions that posterity will answer for the enablers and doers of evil politics, even if they refuse to answer the questions.

Realistically, the imminent question that will prod the minds of the GOP politicians, and their supporters as they nominate Mr. Trump in Cleveland is: what moral justifications will the GOP Convention and their expected speakers have, to sell a failed president to American voters for another term of a reality show in the Oval Office? Donald Trump is a man who is patently and “uniquely unqualified” to be the leader of the free world. The second term of this administration will stab the heart of the democratic experiment beyond recovery, and America’s role in the world will significantly be diminished, if not wholly, go extinct.

There is no doubt that Joe Biden will restore the collective soul of America if elected in November. There is an enormous task ahead of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The incredible credentials of the duo will give them the onerous ticket to bring normalcy and greatness to America. The forthcoming general election in November will be a contrast between DARKNESS and LIGHT, as espoused by Joe Biden and other brilliant speakers at the convention. We are hopeful that the majority of Americans will choose the latter (LIGHT) to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The Republican cynics should think twice to join those who are making history by uniting the great people of the United States to dwell in peace and amity.

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