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Agboola Ajayi And The Cowardice Of The Debates By Akingbondere Babatunde

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Agboola Ajayi | Deputy Governor of Ondo State

I read on Punch Newspaper this morning a story written by one Kayode Oyero, who seems to have adroitly covered the cowardice of the incumbent deputy Governor of Ondo state, Alfred Agboola Ajayi. Agbo, as he is fondly called by friends and enemies alike seems to have triumphed so many tribulations, being the brainchild of a deliberately inspired intra governmental squabble.

The said squabble orchestrated the balkanization of the used to be strong All Progressives Congress, a party stamped under the political leadership of his mentor and Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. The Governor, during his so many engagements on the personality of Agbo, had called him a Neophyte, nincompoop. Not when he had tried all his possible best to strip this introvert of his so-called position via the State’s assembly. Thanks to the stickler for protocols in Justice Mrs Akeredolu, who taught the Lawmakers the rule on cases rendered “subjudice.”

Just recently, the court granted a particular order filed for by a lawyer, mandating INEC to release to himself the results provided by Agboola Ajayi, the purport of the sought order was to unveil to Ondo people, the level of Agboola’s degree in deception, forgery and fake Certificates. As the bickering continues is the credit of average Ondo voters, who credit the clever, mentally alert politician in Agboola Ajayi.

I remember what he said on being quizzed by Seun Okinbaloye of Channels television and as to his reasons for opting for the court, not when he was not actually sure of the impeachment move. He made it clear that he was not served with any impeachment notice but that he only smelt the move via the social media. Imagine!!!

A letter surfaced during the week in the name of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and to his long time friend, Odunayo Akeredolu. It was later disclaimed via the wall of one JohnPaul Akinduro, the media aide to the former Governor. Above the rejection of the letter is the prophetic unveil dealt Akeredolu and during the intellectual purging as 2012 Governorship Debates there, Iroko did justice to how Akeredolu as the President of NBA was alleged by Nine members of his executive, of awarding contracts to himself, wife and children.

I tried to mimic bald and Whitebearded Akeredolu during the Pentecostally intellectual survey, how he had weighed his miserable head on the neck, up and down goes skull of the Agama. I never thought Agboola Ajayi would betray the trite potentials of the new mentor, Mimiko, with the down to earth analysis on the indictment of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu as a Commissioner in Ondo state.

The Yoruba version of BBC, soared high with an innovation in debates. The so-called debates extended a hand of fellowship to so many Candidates, jostling for the Governorship under the umbrella of different parties ranging from APC to PDP, YPP to AAC, including the deputy Governor’s Zenith Labor party. Nigerians and not just Ondo people sidelined their different engagements to be part of the 9:00pm programme, which started with tunes and incessant display of the aspirants’ pictures.

It all capsized in the main programme anchored by a beautiful Yoruba lady. Four aspirants threw in appearance while Agboola, to everyone’s chagrin was nowhere to be found, the interviewer even thought he would join in the course of the programme all to no avail. I must confess the discussion of topical issues as they affect the state, Agboola simultaneously picked the drums as he beats to support the invited AYANs, under the guise of also celebrating his birthday at his residence.

I must confess my disappointment here and with the deliberate boycott of the debates by Agboola Ajayi, a lot of people said he is afraid of being held accountable for most of his promises like his Whitebearded mentor, or that he was simply being agoraphobic. Some even said public speaking has not equated leadership but a reasonable percentage of it. The bold engagement with the people sets up a fire as conviction, it takes the subconscious bleach to erase these words of faith.

I have seen a man who would not be able to explain reasons for his actions. The level of irresponsibility portrayed yesterday remains an insult to our democracy. I think I would be more pissed off at his parrying the final debates!

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