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Brymo Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Studio Albums

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Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ was born on the 9th of May 1986. His stage name is Brymo. A Nigerian singer, songwriter and author who started recording music in 1999 while in the secondary school. He penned a record deal with Chocolate City in 2010 but in 2013, he was accused of breaching his contract with the label.

Background Information

Full Name : Olawale Ashimi
Date Of Birth (Age) : 9 May 1986 (age 34)
Place Of Birth : Okokomaiko, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria
Genres: Yoruba musical, t-rock, R&B, folk soul pop, afrobeat
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter, author
Instruments: Vocals
Years Active : 1999–present
Labels: Independent
Associated Acts : Mikky Me, Jose’s A.A.A, Ice Prince, Jesse, Jagz, M.I

Brymo’s Debut Studio Album

Brymstone was released in 2007 while his second studio album The Son of a Kapenta was released in 2012; which was assisted by three singles; “Ara”, “Good Morning” and “Go Hard”.

He released his third studio album Merchants, Dealers & Slaves on 20 October 2013; which bagged positive reviews from music critics and was followed by two singles; “Down” and “Eko”. In October 2014, Brymo launched his fourth studio album Tabula Rasa; its lead single “Fe Mi” was referred as a “soft traditional ballad”. On 8 December 2015, Brymo also released an eight-track compilation album titled Trance.

He penned an international distribution deal with Tate Music Group in 2015, then released his fifth studio album Klĭtôrĭs on 9 May 2016 which comprises of 11 tracks and was preceded by the lead single “Happy Memories”. In March 2018, Brymo released his critically acclaimed sixth studio album Oṣó.

He released the self-referential fictional novel Oriri’s Plight just six months after. Brymo featured three members of Skata Vibration to form A.A.A, an alternative rock band whose eponymous debut EP was released in August 2019. His seventh studio album Yellow was released on 1 April 2020.

Early Life And Career Beginnings

Olawale Ashimi was born and bred in Okokomaiko, Ojo, Lagos State; the only child of his parents whose father is an Awori carpenter while his mother is an Egun petty trader. Brymo grew up in a multi-faith household and learned to recite the entire Qur’an after being enrolled into an Islamic School. He went to Aganju Aka Primary School and later enrolled at Japual Primary School.

Brymo was known to be a troublesome child who got into series of fights with other children from his neighbourhood. He was initially interested in playing football after graduating from secondary school.

He recorded his first song in 1999 while he was in secondary school and titled it “Future”. In 2002, Brymo and some of his friends created a group called The Aliens. Between 2004 and 2005, the group had problems and disbanded in 2005. Brymo was inspired to create music after listening to his mother singing fuji songs. Brymo gained admission to Lagos State University (LASU), where he studied zoology, but after his second year he left LASU to pursue a career in music.

In May 2013, Brymo disclosed on Twitter that he had exit Chocolate City. Audu Maikori, who was the CEO of Chocolate City at the time, dismissed Brymo’s claims during a press conference at the label’s office in Lekki. According to Maikori, Brymo still had three years left on his contract and still needed to record two albums.

Vanguard newspaper reported that during the press conference, Maikori said Brymo committed an act of insubordination when he refused to remove an inappropriate picture he posted on Instagram. While speaking to journalists in June 2013, Brymo said Chocolate City cheated him when the label failed to explain how his second studio album was leaked. He also said there was no accountability about the way his album was being sold and distributed.


The music of Brymo is a mixture of fuji, R&B, pop and rock. In his conversation with Damiete Braide, he said his music can easily be called pop because of its ability of getting across to the people. In a 2016 interview with OkayAfrica, Brymo said, “Although my songs reflect many issues which are relevant in my society, I believe that human relations is the site where all issues emerge”.

Music critic Michael Kolawole said Brymo’s music has doses of “profanity couched in intellectualism and philosophical thoughts”. Michael also characterized Brymo’s music as “affirmations of deep-rooted personal ideology, enigmatic and beautiful lyrical poetry, equations of balanced ribaldry and cheekiness.”

Personal Life

Brymo has a son who was born on 27 March 2015. On 12 November 2015, he uploaded pictures of his son onto his Instagram account for the first time.


Studio Albums

Brymstone (2007)
The Son of a Kapenta (2012)
Merchants, Dealers & Slaves (2013)
Tabula Rasa (2014)
Klĭtôrĭs (2016)
Oṣó (2018)
Yellow (2020)
Compilation and live albums
Trance (2015)
Live! at Terra Kulture Arena (2019)
A.A.A (with Skata Vibration as A.A.A) (2019)
Books Edit
Oriri’s Plight (2018)
Verses (2020)

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2. Did you face any challenges pursuing this career?
3. How are you managing your celebrity status within your environs?
4. How do you see the music Industry today?
5. Who’s your best comedian in Nigeria and global?
6. What’s your best sport, food and movie?
7. What’s your plan for the upcoming musician ?
8. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?
9. How do you cope with your fans who ask for your help on social media?
10. What’s your message to your fans and upcoming musicians ?
11. What’s makes you happy when you remember?
12. What’s your take on education in Nigeria?
13. What can you say about the Nigeria government?
14. How can the country be better?
15. How do you plan to help the country with music?

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