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Iyabo Ojo: Biography, Foundation, Net Worth

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Alice Iyabo Ojo was born on the 21st of December 1977. She is a Nigerian film actress, director, and producer. She has acted over 150 films and has produced more than 14 to her credit.


Full Name: Iyabo Ojo
Date Of Birth (Age) : 21 December 1977 (age 42)
Place Of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation: Actress, Director, Producer

Net Worth: Unknown

Early Life And Education

Iyabo Ojo was in Lagos, Nigeria, she’s a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State. She was the youngest of three children, having two elder brothers. She schooled in Lagos at National College, Gbagbada, before moving to study Estate Management at Lagos State Polytechnic.


Her involvement in drama while in secondary school, lead her into acting in 1998. She registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) through the help of Bimbo Akintola, she was also able to network to other people.

Ojo has written and featured in lots of Nigerian films. Her first role was in 1998’s Satanic, an English-language film. In 2002, she made her Yoruba-language debut with Baba Darijinwon.

In January 2015, her film Silence, which features Joseph Benjamin Alex Usifo, Fathia Balogun, and Doris Simeon, premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja, in Lagos.

In 2004, Ojo started producing her own films. Ojo’s first production was Bolutife, after which she made Bofeboko, Ololufe, Esan and Okunkun Biribiri.

Personal Life

She married a Lagos-based movie marketer in 1999 at age 21, which hindered her from pursuing her career. She gave birth to a son and then a daughter (born in 1999 and 2001 respectively), namely Felix Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo, but is now divorced from their father.

She faults the breakup of her first marriage to marrying too young. She has spoken of her intention to stop using her former husband’s surname, Ojo.

On 31 August 2020, she celebrated her mother’s birthday with beautiful photo shoot which she displayed them on social media.

Pinkies Foundation

In May 2011, Iyabo Ojo launched her NGO, Pinkies Foundation, which takes care of children with special needs and the less privileged. She marked the fifth anniversary of the foundation on 1 May 2016 at the R&A City Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

Selected Filmography

Satanic (1998)
Agogo Ide (1998)
Baba Darinjinwon (2002)
Okanla (2013)
Silence (2015)
Beyond Disability (2015)
Black Val
Apo Owo
Awusa (2016)
Tore Ife (Love)
Trust (2016)
Ore (2016)
Ipadabo (2016)
Twisted Twin (2016)
Kostrobu (2017)
Gone to America (2017)
Divorce Not Allowed (2018)

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2, Were your parents against your decision?
3, What led you to marry early?
4, What are the challenges you faced?
5, Are your children following your career?
6, How do you cope with your personal life and your career?
7, Have you ever regret your decision?
8, What’s your plan for the upcoming artist?
9, How do you attend to your fans who flock around you when they see you?
10, who’s your best artist in Nigeria and the world?
11, what’s your favourite meal?
12, What’s your plan for the next 10 years?
13, What’s your advice to an upcoming artist?
14, What’s your take on the movie industry?
15, How do you intend to change the country with your career?

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