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Oluwarotimi Akeredolu: The General Who Shot Himself By Akingbondere Babatunde

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Rotimi Akeredolu | Ondo State Governor

The best of leadership is not in the silence, nor the unexpected in partisan support for those who have the record of consistent clamour for those ills, stamping and burying innocent masses in the reality of the abyss.

There is a reality somewhere, clad and shielded by the monument of the struggles, the struggle for survival, resuscitation or recuperation from the convulsive fingers of oppression. The latest is the struggle for deliverance and from the bunch of intrigues, borne and devised against the harmless state; by the highly redundant, obdurate government of a man who bears Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. Rash is the Whitebearded despot, whose friends have also donned with a pun, “Mr. Talk and Do. The said harbinger of the pun has aside being so rude, adorned the state with an inconsiderate mill and within which he grinds his lies to the halt. In the interest of balanced justice shall we be remedying the divorced pieces, igniting a revolution too against the republic of liars pitched and by the mistaken government of an impervious Pharaoh.

It is nothing but selfishness! Clamouring a government of Father, mother and the son. This, has never featured in our syllabus, not even in the monarchies. None of the prominent ALAAFINs ever survived himself with the son(Aremo), it is the peak of insult to the Social Contract theory, that a sitting government has in our generation replicated nepotism. To hell with such government!

There is an immediate need to bring to the fore, the heroic contribution of an artistic ancestor, an irrepressible Comrade cum academic, who just conjured down to our land the blockbuster book, “Locomotifs.”
The iconic legend is Dr. Tosin Gbogi, he wrote in the memorable year and as a lecturer at the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University. The said writeup was against the grand standing of an heartless government, masquerading as the government of the people is the joke too. It was in the year the tuition was increased in the institution.

I read and reread the hit, I have also called to interview him on the perspective of his writings, the powerfully written epistle as to the eventual revolution against the government of the failed Akeredolu. He told me he is disappointed, that he would not be scared of any danger of the night except if he calls for the head of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. Peradventure if you dont know him, he is the Governor of the people, by the people and for the people. He ordered Ondo Universities to go borrow for salaries, is that a Governor or a locust?

Traditional institutions over the years have retained their sacred nature, they have consistently enjoyed a consensus as immunity and against blemishes, not even from the superior state. It must be remembered in history: that it was during the year of a Gorgor called Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Owo, that the rights of the kings have been stamped in the mud, including their long cherished prestige. The man, Akeredolu, has warned our kings, he insulted them in public and had even threatened to deal with them. Are all these what we need him for again?

The latest of his usual pranks is the commissioning of a Chocolate factory in Idanre, a lot of people know this factory as the brainchild of Olusegun Mimiko. Of tremendous importance is the fact that the company’s lion share belongs to a private European who has consistently funded the establishment. The earlier decision to name the place after the sunshine state was frankly rejected by the Defacto European owner, he resorted to calling it SPAGnVOLA. Our Governor was around to commission a project that should be called a private enterprise, he even stormed the media with the fictitious Ondo factory. Look! He commanded sporadical shootings, people almost considered that day for the one of Ogun Onire.

What does Idanre, and by extension Ondo stand to gain from this enterprise, how much quota would be granted the host community in workers for the Company? Addressing it as a partnership is snide, the decision of the state’s Cocoa Board to sell directly to the factory has not also helped, the government is trying to benefit from the wrong place. We would need a Government who would allow the European patronize the local farmers, he had better buy from them in tandem with the international rate.

Aside the fact that the Chocolate factory had been commissioned is the fact that so many uncompleted boreholes were also commissioned on the day Akeredolu visited. It is failure that had brought a whole Governor from Alagbaka, and to come commission a borehole in Idanre. These are facilities that should be everywhere, not so rare for a Governor to come commission, and in few days to the Governorship election.

It is harkneyed verbatim to say a king who ruled and there is peace, is indeed the prayer of the gods. The one who consistently victimized and oppressed the masses who elected him must be the curse of the gods. Mr Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu is the curse of the gods to our dear Ondo people. The only panacea to his laxities is the massive rejection from the oppressed masses. They must stand with their votes, as they throw out complaints, crazy hike in tuition, including the arrogance of the state. Our votes is the check to tyrannical leadership.

I am sounding this in the interest of posterity. So many people lost their lives since the imminence of a revolution from porous leadership to inclusive governance. Comrades like Taiwo Okafor, who was allegedly murdered by dreaded APC thugs for arguing in support of an imminent political eclipse at the famous Alex Pond. Be aware that the blood of this innocent Comrade shall deliver our state from this catastrophe as government, that his soul shall not rest until there is an earthquaking revolution, a serious one with the capacity to topple the table of the moneychangers. Amen!

I have a conviction that can move the mountain, I have seen a careless Governor and whose head just disappeared to the wicked minstrels of his words. A lot of people have demanded to know the reasons why he could be so careless, to an extent of even willing his bald head to some minstrels. He just invited monumental failures like Ganduje, Yahaya Bello and others to salvage it.

He forgot to realize so many things, that the lepers cannot bring milk from nature, all they can do is to spill it. These are the guys with no leadership value, Kogi can compete with the slums, not when it champions a worse potential. Ganduje is the thief who had smelt the hell of prison, he blabbed and bragged on his ability to subject Wike to a house arrest. It had dawned on him when the threatened arrived Edo with his entourage, hell has also let loose since his party failed gallantly at the polls. Yahaya is the least qualified as a matter of history and morals, to point to Ondo people the way to go. The violent struggle for power in Kogi would not happen here!

Coming together to celebrate the climax of Akeredolu in the political atmosphere of Ondo is nothing special, it is what we might have to do now or never!

About The Author

Akingbondere Tunde is a Public Affairs Analyst, activist writer and a student of law.

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