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Video: Famous Actor Yomi Fabiyi Speaks About Amendment Of Nigeria Constitution

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Yomi Fabiyi | Actor

The idea of a new constitution must be what we all must embrace and realise it is worth risking everything for.

Nigerians and Nigeria have been designed by nature to prosper, if this idea is enabled, agitation for separation will rest, the people will be safer, employment will blossom, politics will attract those truly ready to serve, Nigerians will cease to die from avoidable deaths, children will be well taken care of, women well protected, military and police officers well cared for and our aged parents will not end their later years with excruciating health conditions with no help.

As young people, we can stop the blame game for now as nobody can deliver good governance with the present constitution, rather we should synergize with this government to deliver on this mandate.

Volunteers and funds are needed for Nigerians to form an independent team of intellectuals, law scholars and honest citizens to draw out a new BLUEPRINT and share the outcome with every common man, elected Governors, National Assembly and the Presidency.

States should manage all mineral resources in their jurisdiction including crude oil, it is time for STATE POLICE, and also necessary is for state to be allowed to source for means to GENERATE POWER. And of course, we should open our citizenship for investors, billionaires and technological scholars who desire to live in Nigeria. Nigeria litter many countries developing and sustaining economies, it is time for us to benefit too.

And to crown it, Rule of Law, Equality, Anti-Tribalism and HUMAN RIGHTS as a key pillar of the new constitution. That is my vision 2030, and if we start now, we will be a world leader and economic melting pot in the true sense by then.

Watch the video below;

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