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TIB Diaspora Gives Nigerian Govt. 7 Days Ultimatum To Release Sowore, Other Activists Held Unjustly In Detention

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TIB, diaspora has launched its intelligence antenna to be on guard, giving the Nigerian Government 7 days ultimatum to release Omoyele Sowore and the 4 activists held in detention.

Following the recent abuse of fundamental human rights of Omoyele Sowore by the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration, lots of Nigerians home and abroad have voice out to condemn the action. Yet the President turned deaf ears to Nigerians demand and outcry.

Recall Reference Daily News had earlier reported the arrest of Omoyele Sowore alongside 4 others activist on New Year eve for having a peaceful protest against the poor governance of the sitting government.

Expressing displeasure over the Nigerian government action, a political advocacy body made-up of Nigerians in the Diaspora, identified as “Take It Back (TIB)” legally registered in the United States of America, for advocacy of good governance and battle for the revival of the lost glory of Nigeria, has shown concerned on the ongoing abuse of human rights, silencing of voices demanding for good governance system for the good of every citizen of Nigeria, especially with barring of the publisher of Sahara Reporter, and presidential candidate of the AAC in the last presidential elections, Mr. Omoyele Sowoye, to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on the basis of charges of treason, just for organizing a peaceful protest asking for better governance.

Stating further, the group frowned at the fresh arrest of Omoyele Sowore and 4 other activists on the New Year eve for parading candle light merely reminding the government of good policies that will better the lives of all Nigerians in the new year 2021.

Part of the statement released by the TIB USA- Media Team, it reads,

“It is ironic, that someone that is so patriotic and contributing in his own little way to the progress and prosperity of his fatherland by advocating for good governance will be perceived as a threat and humiliated with handcuffs like a criminal by a supposedly democratic government while at the same time, handle real threats like terrorists and bandits as enablers, by negotiating and funding terrorists and bandits. Our country has become a laughingstock in the comity of nations. In this country, over 300 schoolboys were taken away in broad daylight, and recovered by the government without making a single arrest of the perpetrators.”

In the statement, TIB also remind the government that it’s not worthy of hearing that despite the just concluded ENDSARS protests by the Nigerian Youth against the abuse of power by the Nigerian government, the government held to their authoritaritave approach, the group fearing that the sleeping lion of the youth can end up waking up fierce and disastrous.

“The latest police brutality on Sowore, is premeditated by the unwarranted offensive against a harmless Nigerian Citizen, broke his nose and almost blind him. We suspect that the Nigerian Government has an agenda to eliminate all opposing voices using Omoyele Sowore as a scapegoat.”, the statement further reads.

TIB urge all well-meaning Nigerians to break silence now, as history will convict those that are quiet in the face of government atrocities.

TIB, diaspora wing hereby ask the Nigerian Government to unconditionally discharge the treasonable charge and free Omoyele Sowore and all other human rights activists currently in detention all over the country.

TIB, diaspora has launched its intelligence antenna to be on guard, giving the Nigerian Government 7 days ultimatum to release Omoyele Sowore and the 4 activists held in detention.

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