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Omah Lay Biography: Net Worth

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Stanley Omah Didia a.k.a Omah Lay | Artist


Stanley Omah Didia with the music name Omah Lay is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter from Port Harcourt. He is an Afro-fusion artist with a musical style that combines Fireboy’s and Wizkid‘s vibes. He has a unique sound which is well complimented with his amazing vocals.

Personal Information

Full Name: Stanley Omah Didia

Date of Birth: May 19

Place of Birth: Port Harcourt

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Genre: R&B, Pop, Afrobeats

Record Label: KeyQaad

Net Worth

$400, 000 (N155 million)

Early Life

Omah Lay was born on May 19. He was born and bred in Port Harcourt. He is from a music background. His grandfather was known to be a percussionist for Igbo High life musician, Celestine Ukwu.

Music Career

Omah Lay started music as a teenager rapping in the streets of Marine Base as Lil King but then he got bored and started learning how to produce music. He made his mark first on the local music scene in early 2019 as a producer making a couple of records that got massive radio spins in his hometown but he thought he didn’t get the accolades and credit he deserved writing and producing those records; that was when he made up his mind to pick up the mic and do it.

In 2019, he recorded and put out ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ and they enjoyed good spins on his hometown radio stations. This caught the ears of record labels and he ended up signing with KeyQaad in July 2019 and left his hometown for the first time and moved to Lagos – The entertainment hub of West Africa.

In January 2020, he teased his Instagram followers with a verse he had recorded and the feedback was amazing so he decided to make the song available for free as teaser to his official single, that song became ‘Bad Influence’ which went on to garner millions of streams on Digital stores.

He then released his official single ‘You’ on the 14th of February 2020 which is deemed by many to be a sleeper hit. ‘You’ put him on some reputable lists of Freshmen to watch out for in 2020 like NotjustOk and Native Mag. The song got a mixed review from Pulse NG who wrote that “the song lacked resonance” though the same article went on to praise Omah Lay as a “master with everything associated with the song’s hook.”

On the 22nd of May, Omah Lay dropped his debut EP which included the previously released ‘You’ and ‘Bad Influence’. The EP became an instant commercial success becoming the most streamed Afrobeat album on Digital stores like Audiomack, Deezer and Apple Music and went on to earn him Apple Music Favorite New Artiste of The Month of June in Africa.

On June 7, Omah Lay was interviewed on the then new Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio by Cuppy where he spoke about the success of his new EP and music influences. On Friday 3rd of July, he was picked as the debut star for Apple’s Africa Rising Campaign which spots a talent in Africa and projects them all through the continent and internationally.


“Omah’s vocal delivery, varied as it may be, breathes life and emotion into his records, regardless of the genre he finds himself making, whether it’s a dance-ready number or a Hip-Hop” – The Native Mag

The EP also boast of 5 solid tracks with no feature.

Social Media

Instagram: @omah_lay

Twitter: @omah_lay

Facebook: OfficialOmahLay

Omah Lay Songs: You; Bad Influence; Damn; Lo Lo; Ye ye ye; Hello Brother; Do Not Disturb

15 Likely Questions To Omah Lay

1, Tell us about your grass to grace experience?

2, What was the motivation towards becoming a musician ?

3, Did you participate in singing during your school days?

4, What are the challenges you faced?

5, Are you in a relationship?

6, How do you cope with your relationship and your career?

7, Have you ever regret your decision?

8, What’s your plan for young Nigerians who aspire to be like you?

9, How do you attend to your fans who flock around you when they see you?

10, who’s your best artist in Nigeria and the world?

11, what’s your favorite meal?

12, What’s your plan for the next 10 years?

13, What should fans be looking for this year?

14, What’s your take on the music industry?

15, How do you intend to change the country with your career?

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